Reading my old blog it suddenly struck me that I’ve spent a lot of time on one route, like really a lot!

Seven years. Is that crazy? Or is it just what it takes?

It’s not like I’m only trying one routet, but each year I’ll devote maybe a few months of my life to a single path. And it’s that path that has maybe provided me with the most motivation. Motivation to get fitter and better and stronger. It's maybe only a few months of each year, but it seeps into the rest, taking over. It’s kind of always there..

“Hard Projects need a lot of time – hours and hours each day. Your lifestyle changes because of it. You’ve got to knuckle down. These routes, they’re an iceberg with all its mass under the surface that no one ever sees”
Ben Moon

How far is too far? When to draw the line and move on? Reading Ben Moons book I was intrigued by many chapters, but was moved by his section on the Kilnsey Project that would eventually become Northern Lights. Not in any way because I would eventually climb this route, this fact is irrelevant to his story. It was his dedication to the project, how one’s life can become so involved and then strained to the limits over a simple and personal challenge. Knowing when to let go, how to let it go, and what happens after. This part of the book felt deep, like we got to know more about Ben.

“Many well-known climbers talk about pushing boundaries and limits. The reality is that very few do. But Ben was one of them. He could have spent the years after Hubble putting up new routes at a similar level and keeping his face in the magazine, but he choose something harder – and riskier. He was hunting for the future and not resting in the past.”
From Ben’s Biography

I felt I was reading about myself; my current climbing, current goals and projects. Easier projects lie waiting for attention; I know they’d go, 8c+ maybe. I’ve been there before. I’m trying to go somewhere new; I’m already somewhere new. It’s new because I really don’t know, new because the balance is against me. New because for the first time I think I can see my limit. I’m just not sure yet where I stand: just before, or just after.