About Steve

Pro Rock Climber, Coach and Route Setter.

Steve McClure is one of the best rock-climbers in the world, having climbed the hardest sport route in the UK at 9a+, numerous new routes at the grade of 9a and onsighted many at 8b+. Despite being better known for his sport climbing achievements, you might also find him wiggling in wires in Pembroke or sleeping in a portaledge on a 1000m wall in Greenland.

I thrive on finding a way, a path through difficulties that don’t rely on strength. I live for the immersion that climbing can give, all thoughts cast aside with only pure movement remaining.

I was born in North East England, and with both parents keen climbers there was no escape. I was on the cliff before I could walk! It was all trad climbing, so best taking it slow! I’m into it all now, big walls, trad, sport, bouldering… Sport took main stage for a while. My route ‘Overshadow’ at 9a+ is still the hardest in the UK, and ‘Mutation’ remains unrepeated, my 9a from 1998. But now I’m back into the full spectrum again, mixing it all together. It’s a privilege to have been shown the path into so much and to be on a journey that will have no end.