• Rainman

    My ultimate route. Not sure it gets any better, or any harder! The very first time I visited Malham Cove I stood at the base of the cliff and stared up into the future. An unclimbed line of immeasurable difficulty, right in the centre of the Cove, soared directly towards the finishing ledge 40 meters above. It crossed the most difficult terrain and the blankest of rock; impossible for me to comprehend.

  • Rainman Saga

    127 days on one route. You must be joking right? I kept a diary of the progress. I keep a diary of all my climbing. Sometimes it’s good to look back.

  • Success or Failure

    Success - The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

    Failure - The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends.

  • The Triple Crown. First to be Crowned?

    The UK’s three best sport routes, on the UK’s three best sport cliffs. All 8a+. Quite a challenge. I guess I earned my crown a while back, but when I heard Andy Mitchel had climbed all three in a day, moving between them under his own steam (he ran!), I began to think this was the ‘real’ triple crown.

  • Tom Et Je Ris

    Its been a few years since I climbed this route, but it still stands out as a highlight in my entire climbing life.
    This route has to be top of the list for anyone capable, a contender for one of the best routes in the world!

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