• Africa

    South Africa. A country I always wanted to visit, but ending up on the “Love to but probably won’t” list, alongside the likes of Antarctica, Everest, The North Pole and many more. It seemed too far, too expensive and too difficult to travel around. But then I heard there was to be an exchange meet between the BMC and the Mountaineering Club of South Africa. I’d remembered the stories from the exchange back in the 90’s, and how it was a trip of a lifetime. Maybe this was the chance.
    In fact if ever, this was the chance! A 10 day trip with hands held to the most amazing traditional climbing in the country. I applied and hoped!

  • Am I fat?

    Am I fat? The results are in. And they were kind of what I expected. A full body analysis at Sheffield Hallam University gave me the honest truth.

  • Cliffbase

    Its been a while since I came back from Croatia,that was back in 2015, but I wanted to put down a tad more info than a few lines on a place that felt pretty special and worth a visit.

  • Leonidio - is it worth the hype?

    More amazing places appear on the radar faster than I can visit them. But Leonidio stood out as perhaps the top of the list of venues in recent years. But is it worth the hype?

  • Rock Climbing in Sweden.

    How many of us have heard tales of perfect rock in a beautiful surrounding. How many of us have promised we’d go? It must have been 10 years since Sweden appeared on my ‘must visit’ list, but somehow I never made it, or never tried...

  • Seven years old

    Reading my old blog it suddenly struck me that I’ve spent a lot of time on one route, like really a lot!

    Seven years. Is that crazy? Or is it just what it takes?

  • Tom Et Je Ris

    Its been a few years since I climbed this route, but it still stands out as a highlight in my entire climbing life.
    This route has to be top of the list for anyone capable, a contender for one of the best routes in the world!

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