Beyond Limits is the Autobiography from Steve.  His book documents a life through climbing; taking us on a journey from early childhood encounters on the North York Moors right up to his most recent cutting edge sport routes.

Steve McClure Autobiography - Beyond Limits

Written entirely by himself in his well-known and much acclaimed style, Steve holds nothing back, giving an honest and open account of his life. This is the story of a climber and his obsessive exploration of the sport, of finding a true passion, taking it to the limits, and then the careful balancing of this passion against other areas of life to give the greatest rewards.

Published by Vertebrate Publishing.

Available from many outdoor shops, Vertebrate Publishing, Amazon or direct from Steve for signed and personalized copies.

"Steve has been one of the UK’s outstanding climbing talents for years and his pre-eminence in sport climbing is undeniable. Now the talented blighter’s gone and written a damn good book too. So, family man, talented climber, writer, annoying git" 

John Horsecroft

"Beyond Limits is a personal look at what it takes to be one of the very best rock climbers Britain has ever seen. Steve's story clearly shows the hard work and dedication required to climb at the top level, he doesn't shy from telling it how it is and how hard he has worked and the sacrifices he has made.
A must buy for all interested in the history of our sport and the opinions of one of the best climbers in the world."

Ian Dunn

"Steve's writing takes you through his early years as a climber, taking him a few years to really find his forte as a cutting edge sport climber (with some extreme trad for good measure). Once he realizes his potential, he starts clocking up the new routes and equally impressive repeats which the second half of the book takes the reader through - the dedication , the training and self belief required . Should get any climber pysched!"

Neil Bentley

"An insightful and honest look into the life of the UK’s best rock climber of the 21st Century. Combining numerous interesting, often humorous anecdotes, with an insight into the mind-set of an elite athlete, Steve’s detailed account of his journey to ‘the top’ - from his childhood in the North Yorkshire Moors - is a wonderful blend of dedication, sacrifice and self-discovery. A must read."

Ben Heason

"The best climbers Autobiography I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot!)"

Tom Randall