With a series of highly regarded shows in England and abroad, Steve has considerable experience in tailoring his work to audience requirements.

Steve has been delivering lectures on his rock climbing adventures and performances for over 10 years. He has spoken to a wide range of audiences from local climbing clubs to corporate events. To date Steve had delivered well over 100 individual talks, and at specific national and international events including Kendal Mountain Film Festival (UK), Mellobloc (Italy),  Marmot Climb festival (Germany), Petzl Roctrip (Turkey), The Travel and Outdoor Show (UK), The International Adventure Conference (UK) and The National Youth Climb meet (Denmark).

Steve McClure Lectures

Steve is well known for his modest, approachable attitude, and has the rare talent of being able to make the experience he has obtained relevant in motivating others to improve, be they aspiring climbers or a class full of Year 11 students about to embark upon their GCSEs.

Material may include sport and traditional climbing and various expeditions and big wall climbing in Greenland. In particular Steve has focused on his sport climbing achievements, particularly the drive, determination and elation of pushing to the maximum on the UK’s hardest rock climbs.

Each multi-media lecture, including sound and video, is tailored specifically for the event and audience. Talks typically last around 75 minutes set to high-quality photo images from the world’s best climbing photographers.

"Steve has a natural, comfortable approach to speaking, allowing the audience to connect and relate to his experiences - whilst at the same time being left awestruck by his achievements."

Ben Heason. Professional Climber

"I think that I can say that I was one of the first to organise any lectures for Steve back in 2003 with a 10-city tour of the UK. He was excellent right from the off. Professional, interesting, entertaining, and most importantly, funny. Lecturing well is much more than just turning up and showing people your holiday snaps, it’s an art form and Steve has it mastered."

Matt Heason. Event Organiser.

"Steve presented a series of lectures as a key component of our UK managerial meeting. His brief was to provide inspiration and entertainment to break up the monotony of a long day of meetings and financial planning. On this he delivered perfectly."

Ian Williams. Fat Face Clothing

"With his incredible climbing achievements, it goes without saying that Steve's talks are inspirational. What differentiates him and makes his talks brilliant is that he speaks so genuinely. A real treat!"

Julia Wakeling. Chief organiser of BMC / MCofSAfrica exchange.