Maybe I’m old now. No, I’m definitely old. But it’s been a very long time since I was happy to sleep on a 6mm thick bit of foam. Thinking back to numerous camping trips laid out on stony floors I don’t know how I managed. Now a crap night’s sleep spells the end of a fun day and totally rules out any kind of performance climbing.

When the thermarest was invented everyone cheered. This was a monumental improvement to comfort. I remember my first 30mm pad and how it felt like luxury. But things have moved on....

I’m not normally one for bigging up products, but I just can’t stress how much my Exped Megamat has totally changed the game as far as camping is concerned. True, it is hardly the lightest or has the smallest pack size (though Exped does everything to suit your requirements), but the comfort is simply amazing, and I’m more than happy sleeping on it over a normal bed.
Having camped recently for a prolonged period, and climbed on the trip, it felt like the mat was the most important thing I’d brought! More important than any light weight climbing kit or performance shoes. Can’t underestimate a good night sleep.