• 5.10 Crawe. The perfect sport climbing shoe?

    A bad workman always blames his tools. We’ve heard that before. But to be fair, it’s hard to do a really good job without the right tools.

  • BeFree water Filter – total game changer!


    Equipment is developing fast, but it’s still rare to find something that has a really huge impact on days out in the hills. I’m not a kit fanatic but have to say something about this. The BeFree filter from Katadyn and distributed by Lyon Equipment is something that really has made a difference.

  • Don't break a leg. Get a stick for Christmas.

    There have been many inventions that have changed climbing over the years; sticky rubber, cams, chalk… some made a massive difference. But the humble clip-stick has been rather useful to say the least. ‘Remote clipping’ as it has become known is now a thing on just about every UK sport crag. Is it worth investing in a stick, or just bringing along an old fishing rod, or even a branch from the local woods?

  • Exped Megamat

    Maybe I’m old now. No, I’m definitely old. But it’s been a very long time since I was happy to sleep on a 6mm thick bit of foam. Thinking back to numerous camping trips laid out on stony floors I don’t know how I managed. Now a crap night’s sleep spells the end of a fun day and totally rules out any kind of performance climbing.

  • Longer is better!

    Last year I was lucky enough to get to test the new Pongoose 700 clip stick, and was very impressed. The only issue I had was that it came up short for some of those super high first bolts. But this issue is now solved with their latest addition to the family.

  • Review - GRIGRI+

    GRIGRI+ review

    When the wheel was invented, it changed everything. When the GRIGRI came along climbing completely changed. A revelation. Safety increased, belayer comfort massively increased, even standards increased as the climber/belayer teamwork was enhanced. For the sport climber, a GRIGRI was simply an essential and expected part of the kit along with the rope and the harness.

  • The New 5.10 Blanco

    It’s been a while now since the New Blanco’s were released. Brought back by popular demand, when these were dropped from the range there was an outcry. Was it a good move to bring them back, and are they as good or even better?

  • The Orange House


    The Costa Blanca is the original Spanish destination for winter Sun. It remains one of the best for sure. The climbing around Costa Blanca is awesome, and the weather is the best in the whole country. But where you stay will make or break your trip...

  • Top 10 Outdoor Kit

    Normally at this time of year the big Outdoor Shows would be going off. All the best new kit would be on show and we’d all get excited. But not this year. To make up for it, here is my top 10.